When you are pushing your life, love, and mission to the breaking point…

Time flew for the Purgatory organization, and even if its founder, Beatrice Dante, is never far away, Gabrielle Thorne is now in charge of the teams. But such a position comes at a price for the former assassin.

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Her strength is wearing thin, and her relationship with her husband Sullivan is on the rocks. Pushing every warning sign aside, Gabrielle calls out the team for a mysterious mission at Beatrice’s request. With Sully, Mac, Wes, Dee and Owen by her side, and, of course, Lance, they quickly realize that their mission is going south from the start, and that every step is not only leading them in the wrong direction, but a shadow is keeping an eye on them along the way.

And for Gabrielle, her next decisions may mean the end of her life as she knows it.

**For the first time, the Purgatory team reunites.