A cursed witch. A vengeful werewolf. A twisted love spell. 

In a world where legendary creatures roam and magic is ruled by an unyielding High Council, Valeria Lancaster knows—from her strict upbringing as a witch—the value of order, rank and discipline. 

So when her powers bring about multiple deaths, including that of her own mother, she is forced to flee. Unfortunately, there is no hiding from Asher Stonelake, a Sanctuary Master and werewolf who feeds on vengeance, especially when it comes to the Lancasters. They killed his entire family and he refuses to rest until the witch who murdered his sister suffers the worst kind of death.


When he finally captures Valeria, he salivates at the thought of the malicious ways he’ll break her. But perhaps someone already has?

Vengeance must wait, as trouble knocks at the door. Could his prisoner become more friend than foe in the end … perhaps even an ally?

A realistic paranormal romance that will keep you guessing all the way to the end!