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Isabel Osborne learned early that when life gives you lemons, grab the salt and find some tequila. Before her life took an unexpected path, she found her prince charming in the form of a laughing surfer. The tragedy was that she couldn’t keep him, and even worse, had to break his heart. As she walked away without a word and with a bleeding heart, her only regret was that he’d never know how much she had loved him. 

Kai Jones, former Delta Force, together with his bastard brothers, has a single objective—bring down their father at all cost before other lives are on the line. But when he comes face to face with a siren from his past, his mighty control is shattered and replaced by hatred and bitterness. How can he rein in his resentment toward the woman who betrayed him and focus on the mission?

When he’s forced to protect her, Kai discovers that Isabel is more than who she seems. He can’t help but admire the person she has become, and it makes him reconsider his feelings for her. Soon though, the secrets she kept hidden for so long shake his own convictions. With danger lurking, Kai will have to make a decision between stepping away from those shocking revelations or listen to his heart and who it longs for.