Hidden Magic  


After Sugar Magic, come and find out what finally happens to Brant and Kat!

Jump into the world of The Sanctuary Chronicles.

Can love thrive while hidden in secrets?

Magic is everywhere and even more present during Christmas. Kat couldn’t have imagined that despite being a fugitive, a freak of nature and telepath, love would appear as werelynx Brant. Hope flared as darkness was just bidding its time…

Brant was hesitant to bring Kat fully into his world. Without the support of a pack, with only his friends at the Sanctuary, what could he offer her? Resigned to only worship her in secret, defying the High Council, he soon discovers that others want Kat, maybe as desperately as he is, only for very different, evil reasons.

Kidnapped before his eyes, Brant realizes that Kat is much more than a lover; she is his mate. Fighting to recover her safe and sound, unexpected obstacles and truths come between them, threatening of robbing the other half of his soul forever. Only if they have the courage of unearthing their many demons and slay their doubts will they have a chance to survive and bond for eternity.


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