On the hot streets of Miami, someone is watching, waiting for the perfect moment to strike at a team member of the Alliance Agency.

Cleo Darwin is the stunning violet-haired office manager of the Alliance Agency. She is capable, controlled and respected by the people she works with. But the woman who has such complete control has a secret. Her past is anything but pretty; it is messy and cruel and why she strives to live her life with no room for surprises.
Until she meets Mason Bentley, the clean-cut suit wearing operative that makes her body hum and her heart wants more. She tries to fight the attraction they share but he is slowly breaking down her defenses and showing the life she could have with him -- a future.
Mason Bentley has spent his life protecting the rich and famous, from politicians to royalty, and never has he been tempted to change the rigid control he has on his life until her. Cleo walked into his life and made him yearn for a future filled with bright colors and love.
Now, a stalker is hunting Cleo, and as the threats escalate and the stakes become perilous, will Mason be able to protect the woman he has given his heart to, from the person who wants her dead?
The stakes have never been higher and the danger never so real, but not all is as it seems as secrets and past lives crash into the present.