My dream lover... QUIZ!! Game on!!


Well, well, busy busy… but good news! If you didn’t already know, The Traitor, my next erotic romance book of my Underground Bad Boys Romance series will be out on August 7!! Less than a week away!

You can check it out by clicking HERE.

In the meantime, here’s a little game to make you wait.

Curious to find out which of my Alpha males is perfect for you? I created a quiz to lead you to your match. Is it Owen with his pale eyes and tormented soul? Maybe Asher, so serious and intense or maybe Max, with his sexy imagination?

You can access the quiz via my website at

or you can simply use the following link:

Find your Perfect Book Boyfriend and Lover!

Can’t wait to know which one of my guys popped up for you! Stay tuned for more news soon!

India X