What about the sexy abs?


Why do I write romance? For the abs of course!

Okay, I’m joking a little. It’s a very simplistic reason, I agree, although a hot-looking man in a story never hurts.

Why do I write romance? It’s probably the same reason why you read them. For me, it’s for the encounter of two souls, struggling and fighting that eventually get together for their Happily Ever After (or Happy for Now).

After that, it’s only a question of flavor, or the particular light you shine on the relationship itself.


Are you attracted to a world filled with mythical creatures, sensual vampires or magical shifters ready to tear your clothes off? Then you need the paranormal heat.

Is your heart pumping at the idea of being saved from a psycho killer by a dark hero, an honorable cop or a fierce military man willing to lay their lives on a line? You are definitely a romantic suspense aficionado.

Are you turning into mush at the idea of a strong and dominant male obsessed of possessing you and break all the rules to make you surrender body and soul to his wicked suggestions? Erotic and dark romance books are your drug of choice.


I’m like any other hot-blooded woman, and being sucked in a book with a handsome, scratch that, panty-melting protagonist, is a definite bonus, but it had to be woven into a great story of a genre I love. And if I’m being super honest here, even without the glistening abs, if the guy is created with amazing layers, I don’t f*cking care how he looks. I’m more interested on the kind of human being he is, how he reveals his true self in the story and to the woman who he is attracted to.

Whether he is a good man or a dark, tortured soul you love to hate, romance is deeper than skin, and that’s what I love about it. 😊

 India X