Marvelous Cover Fails!

Oh covers! Sometimes, I’m tempted to curse them. Writing is hard work, editing is pure torture, but working on a cover for that book is where the perfection monster truly makes its appearance.

So many times I’ve had torturous doubts about the suggestions of a designer or of my own choices. But it’s when I finally take a step back and see what others have done that I can take a calming breath and have perspective.

Here are covers I found particularly amusing. Only a small sample. Some of them are quite old, and you can see how covers have evolved over time. That being said, I respect each author… we all make mistakes after all 😉

Let’s begin!


I had horses for twenty years and I can confirm that if you ever found yourself in this position, your next one would be on the ground!




The poor palomino seems so unimpressed by the man’s technique to get the woman up behind him on the saddle… another accident about to happen for sure.



He may be the father, but he probably should read a couple of books and practice… he looks so uncomfortable! Or maybe it’s the smell coming from baby’s diaper!



Against what poor Fabio is leaning? Is this a gravity-free universe or maybe the man has thighs of steel to hold that position with a woman in his arms! Legs are missing too.



Right body, wrong head… Wrong body right head… let’s mix and match! I’m sure the result will be fantastic and won’t make the character look like a bubblehead!



Oh the hat… I think it was a gift he cherished as a boy and never could take it off… so he grew into it!



One of my favorites… there are so many things wrong with this cover, but the three crowns added on the strange composite image take the… crown ;-P

That and the middle man there, clearly struggling to breathe!


This is only a quick sample of the worst… and maybe a glimpse of how difficult it is to find a cover that is both realistic and reflects the story within. Every author is at risk of publishing a cover that may win the first place of the weirdest romance cover, including me.

If we redo this list twenty years from now, I will probably be on it. :-)

India X