My favorite scene of Blind Magic

Copyright © 2018 by India Kells

All rights reserved

Ian dug himself out of the snow that reached almost up to his armpits when Sera’s scream froze the blood in his veins. All he saw was the witch’s blond hair violently disappearing, as if the snow swallowed her. He could hear her scream and some of the snow shifted and sank in her path. Immediately he transformed into his wolf, damn the onlookers and his clothes tearing on his body. At least in that form he could move more easily and with much more speed.

From a distance, he saw Finn looking at him as he put Patricia inside a truck. The vampire shoved the keys at Hunter and sprinted in his direction.

Running unsteadily on the snow, Ian followed the path until it turned around the corner behind a building, and that’s when he saw it; a cloaked figure pulling a rope. Magic was so thick in the air, it made his fur stand on end. That had to be the one dragging Sera under the snow.

Going for the figure, Ian was glad that shifters were highly resistant to magical attacks. The protective wall he crashed through would have killed a lesser creature. Not breaking stride, he snarled and went for the throat.

As he was about to make contact, there was nothing and he tumbled, hitting the side of a car partly hidden by snow. Recovering quickly, Ian got back on his feet and scanned the area. Nothing.

Finn arrived beside him, fangs out and a scary red haze in his eyes. “What was the thing? It vanished as you were about to get to it.”

Ian couldn’t answer and simply shook his head, still scanning the area. And there it was, the shadow form going for the snow bank where Sera was. Ian thought his heart would leap out of his chest in fear when he willed his body to break into a mad dash. The form moved its arms as if weaving a spell, and Ian just tackled it. This time, he hit something. He rolled with the body, but he was pushed away by the unknown force. Ready to retaliate, it was Finn who jumped into action and went for the kill.

Unfortunately, he only came out with an empty cloak.


Ian and Finn looked around, but the figure seemed to have vanished again... and for good he hoped.

Switching back into his naked human form, Ian started digging the snow where he could still smell Sera. Her scent was faint, so faint he feared it was only his imagination playing a nasty trick on him. Finn fell on his knees by his side and dug, removing impressive amounts of snow and ice.

When he finally saw a few wisps of blond hair, relief set in, until he gently removed the remnants of ice from her face and realized that she was pale as death, and not breathing.

Ian had never in his life felt panic on this scale, making him scream as if his heart had been wrenched from his chest. Finn helped him remove as much snow as possible, but by the look on his face, he knew the vampire couldn’t hear her heartbeat either.

Someone came running in their direction, but Ian didn’t care. His hands cupped Sera’s pale, cold cheeks and he wished with all he had that she would just open her marvelous blue eyes.

“What happened? I saw you fight some sort of ghost!”

Hunter was breathless as he came up beside him, but Ian found it impossible to speak. Instead, Finn got to his feet. “Yeah, some figure pulled Sera under the snow and we tried to stop it. But when we reached her, she was...”

Finn’s voice hitched a little, making Ian whimper.

“Oh, for god’s sake! Get away from her!”

Ian blinked at the human’s harsh words, but when he saw Hunter fall to his knees beside Sera and put his ear to her nose, he didn’t know what was going on.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“CPR, you stupid werewolf. I won’t stare at her like you two idiots when there’s a chance I can get her breathing again! And I can’t hear her heart either! I’m not taking any chance!”

Ian moved to the other side and looked at the human, incredulous. “That’s your magical power to make her breathe again, to bring her back to life?”

Hunter didn’t answer. The cop moved her head back and seem to listen to her breathe. And then he cursed and placed his hands on her chest and started compressing. The entire process seemed so strange and quite painful to him and Ian looked at Finn who shrugged.

“I’ve seen that in a TV show where humans do that to each other.”

And when he looked back, Hunter’s lips were on Sera’s as he blew air into her lungs. Her chest moved up and down a few times before he returned to pumping. Ian took her hand in his and brought it to his lips, blowing hot air on her frigid fingers.

Time seemed to drag on, and when Hunter returned to blow air inside her mouth, Sera coughed.

Ian simply collapsed by her side, Sera’s hand still in his and dragging air into his lungs as if he hadn’t inhaled himself for several minutes.

At first, her breath was erratic, but soon it slowed, and she finally opened her eyes. Damn, he had been desperate to see that blue again.

“Sera?” Ian couldn’t help but push her damp blond hair away from her face, caressing her frigid skin. “Sera? Do you hear me?”

She blinked repeatedly and squeezed his hand.

“Yeah.” Her voice was hoarse. She brought her free hand to her chest and winced. “What happened?”

Hunter checked her pulse. “You were a goner for several minutes. I tried to resuscitate you and thank god it worked. You scared us, Sera. Very much.”

Finn clapped his hands. “Okay guys, we need to move. The longer we stay here, the more neighbors will wonder what we’re doing, and why one of us is naked in the snow. And Sera is shivering now, so we need to get her warm. Let’s get in the van.”

Ian didn’t wait and gently gathered Sera in his arms. He faintly felt the cold against his skin but didn’t care. She was alive, and he would gladly endure freezing temperatures for the rest of his life if it meant she would remain safe and alive.

Hunter had parked the truck near the street and it seemed that the snowplough had made headway already. He went to the back and placed her against the warm, sleeping form of Patricia’s bear. The great heat from the shifter would help her keep warm.

Hunter jumped behind the wheel, Finn into the passenger seat, and they were off.

At the back, Ian tried to cushion Sera from the jerks and bumps of the road the best he could.

“Hey, open your eyes, Sera. Don’t go to sleep on me.”

She obeyed and opened her eyelids.

“Stay awake, will you? We’re on our way to Sanctuary.”

“I’m fine, just sore. My chest…”

“You were dead, you’re not fine.”

“I’m alive now.” And she dared to give him a reassuring smile. A courageous witch indeed.

“Can you tell me what happened? When you disappeared in the snow.”

Sera nodded. It was a trick to keep her talking. He was so afraid she would close her eyes and go still. She did shiver a little, but Ian could see some color coming back to her cheeks.

“I felt something on my ankle, like a snake. I didn’t have time to react or do anything. It grabbed me and pulled me under. I was dragged for a moment and it felt so cold, and when it stopped, it was as if I was being crushed by a ton of bricks. I couldn’t breathe. And I panicked, and I couldn’t find a spell, or scream.”

The tears he saw falling from her eyes, the fear he saw clearly on her face broke him in pieces. He wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Hey, we got you out. You’re safe now.”

“Who’s after me? What have I done to be hunted down?”

Ian wished he knew the answer, so he could tear that fucker apart.

The truck swerved a little and Ian looked up. “Try to keep us on the road, would you?”

Hunter cursed, and it was Finn who finally answered. “We’re trying our best, but our caped friend is throwing branches in front of us.”

Sera shivered but pushed herself up, kneeling, one hand on Ian and another on Patricia to keep her balance. The truck had mostly windows in the front, so Ian helped her, so she could look outside. That’s when he saw it. The same cloaked, faceless figure. It appeared and disappeared down the road as they drove by. And, as Finn told them, branches flung themselves in front of the truck, thrown by invisible magic.

“How far are we from Sanctuary?”

“At this snail’s speed? Thirty minutes.”

A branch crashed against the side of the truck, making them all flinch.

“Can’t we do something to make it stop?” Hunter gritted his teeth, trying to maintain the truck’s course the best he could.

He had to slow that thing down, give Sera a chance to reach Sanctuary. There, she would be safe.

Ian looked up and saw Finn nodding at him. It seemed that the vampire was thinking the same thing. Finn moved and touched Sera’s shoulder. “Go sit up front, honey.”


“You’ll be more comfortable. I can see you’re in pain. Go, please.”

Ian could feel the sweetness in the vampire’s voice, and the slight compulsion. He wasn’t about to tell the bloodsucker off this time.

With his help, Sera took his place in the passenger seat and buckled up.

Hunter looked at them through the rear-view mirror. Sera may not have caught up yet, but the human did. When Ian opened the side door and jumped, he heard Sera’s scream, but ignored it. In mid-air, he willed his wolf to take form, and his beast was ecstatic for the hunt. Finn moved swiftly, catching up with him at preternatural speed.

The figure was still following the truck. Snarling, he pushed his wolf to full speed to quickly close the gap and attacked. This time, his teeth closed on flesh and he wasn’t about to let it go.

Finn came up behind the figure and took it in a choke hold. That’s when it vanished again, but this time, they were prepared and both Finn and he followed it as the figure fled through the woods.

It wasn’t as quick as earlier, and Ian hoped that it meant it was beginning to weaken, becoming more vulnerable. Popping on and off, Ian and Finn followed, quickly catching up. Now his wolf could smell fear.

He was a few feet away when the ground started to shake. The trees filled with snow created a curtain all around them, making it difficult to see. Ian pushed forward, determined not to let the creep get away. Trees shook harder, branches creaking and breaking, making it more and more difficult to run. Finn cursed under his breath as he dodged a thicker branch.

Ian jumped to his right as a branch whipped in his direction. Finn pushed forward, a few strides ahead of him when he saw a tree starting to fall exactly where the vampire was heading. Finn was solely looking at the shadow and didn’t see the threat upon him. He may have been a vampire but being crushed by a tree would probably kill him. It was pure reaction. Ian used his entire weight and plowed against the vampire. They both tumbled in the snow as the forest creaked all around them. Broken trunks fell, and Ian yelped as one trapped his back leg and another one snapped against his back, burying him deeper in the snow. Barely able to breathe, he felt more wood coming down on him. Pain made his brain fuzzy and he tried to fight it, to move, to get out of there. From a distance, he heard Finn’s scream, but couldn’t make out the words. As another tree crashed on him, compressing his lungs, making it difficult to breathe, he wished with all his heart and soul that at least Sera was able to reach Sanctuary and that she was safe

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