My favorite scene of To Trick a Hacker

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Owen seemed on the verge of exploding. In desperation, obviously trying to reign in his emotions, he went into the kitchen. As Dylan got unsteadily to her feet, she heard the back door slam. Before she could follow him, Wesley was on his heels, steaming mad at his little brother, almost jumping off the small deck in pursuit. Dylan hobbled outside, Mac at her side. Lance sprinted past them, his face still stunned—stunned as his mother, who remained in the living room.

“Owen! You had no right to do that.” Wesley was relentless, following his brother in the backyard.

“No right?” Owen turned, the anger on his face making Dylan gasp. It was clear that he was losing his battle against emotions he had kept in check, deep down, for so long. It could turn ugly fast. Mac took a step in the direction of the two brothers, but Dylan signaled her to wait. “You were away, far away! Both of you, I was alone!”

“You were seventeen, for God’s sake!”

“Yes, and I needed money to protect Mom from him. I would have done anything, worse than selling myself if that would have meant keeping her safe. You have no right to judge me, Wes, you were not there. I was on my own!”

Time froze for a moment at the veiled accusation. Wesley roared and charged Owen. Rage filled the air, and two of the finest and most dangerous warriors in the world were at it for blood. Mac screamed but stayed beside Dylan. And what could be done? Emotions ran deep in this family, and by burying them for so long, an explosion was bound to happen.

The grunts, the fists hitting skin, bone against bone, the sound was sickening. Dylan was looking for a garden hose, or any brilliant idea to separate them when the back door opened to Mrs. Sorenson followed by Lance.

“Owen! Wesley! Stop that!” But Lance’s command was deaf to their ears. Dylan had to admire Lance when he jumped into the melee, trying to separate them. Unfortunately, the rescuer turned into an aggressor when one fist connected to his jaw. It was as if something was switched on inside of him, and all hell broke loose. Mrs. Sorenson came to Dylan’s side and grabbed her elbow.

“They have to stop.” Mac came near her mother-in-law’s and rubbed her back.

Dylan winced at Wesley punching Lance by mistake. The rescuer was getting more and more pissed at his older brother, and it didn’t help the situation at all.

“We’re the only ones that can stop them.” Dylan knew it for a fact, but she wasn’t sure just how to go about stopping them.

Mac turned to Dylan, eyebrows quirked. “Oh yeah, let’s jump between three angry SEALs fighting one another. I don’t know about you, but I like my head exactly where it is right now. And my husband’s too, when he’s not in such a rage. Something I’ve never seen him in, by the way. It’s terrifying.”

Dylan turned to the other women. “I didn’t say to do something stupid, Mac. Even if the two of us jumped in, it wouldn’t work. They would be more pissed, if nothing else. They wouldn’t calm down enough to hear anything sensible.”

“What’s your idea?”

Dylan turned to the older woman, who couldn’t tear her gaze from her three beloved sons fighting like lions. And it clicked in her head. “Mrs. Sorenson, you have to faint. And make a show out of it.”

Mary blinked twice before turning her attention to Dylan. “What? I don’t feel like fainting, I’m fine―”

“If I faint, it won’t change a thing, if Mac faints, same outcome. But if you faint, the three of them will notice … better, they will panic and unite. That’s what we want from them now. There can be no discussion unless they stop fighting.”

Dylan risked a look at the three men and saw blood. “You better do it now before they hurt themselves or do something they would all regret.”

Mary nodded and took a step forward. Then, she swayed and emitted a sound of distress that sounded so real, Dylan was impressed. When her knees collapsed, Dylan was ready to prevent her from falling with Mac’s help. The first thing she noticed was the silence. Her back to the battleground, Dylan winked at Mac. It was her cue.

“Oh my God, Mrs. Sorenson! Mac! Call an ambulance!”

And as she hoped, three running men thundered toward them.

“Mom! What happened?” Wesley was on his knees by his mother’s side, Owen on the other, and Lance cradled their mother’s head.

Dylan stepped back and helped Mac back to her feet. Owen checked his mother's pulse, and right on cue, Mary’s eyelashes fluttered open. In a wavering voice that would make an actress proud, she cleared her throat.

“My boys, what happened?”

Lance was frantic. “I don’t know, you fainted. How are you feeling?”

“Light-headed, sweetheart.” And Mary patted his hand tenderly.

Owen looked at his older brother, still pale. “Pressure drop, we should bring her to the hospital.”

Wesley started to nod, frantic, when Mrs. Sorenson touched his cheek. “It must be the sun. It’s a hot day. And I’ve been tending the garden all morning. And when I saw you three fighting … Why were you fighting? Is it because of what Owen did? Because there is nothing worth fighting about at what he did. I already suspected what he was doing.”

The three men stopped to breathe. Owen wet his lips. “Mom, you knew?”

The woman turned to her son. “I know everything about my boys. I knew you changed, Owen, and made some sort of sacrifice, even though I didn’t know what it was.” Owen looked at his mother, and then at his brothers. Wesley shook his head, and Lance simply waited.

After a long moment, Wesley cleared his throat. “We should get you inside, Mom.”

“Just let me up. All I need is a cold drink and to sit down for a bit. All of us should sit down.”

Gently, the three men helped their mother up and inside. Still on the deck, Dylan finally let out a breath of relief. Mac let herself fall on one of the lounge chairs.

“How did you know it would work? How did you know it would stop them?”

Dylan hobbled to sit beside her. “Human nature. And being a cop for many years.”

“You’re my hero.”

Dylan chuckled. “Yeah, well, our work here is far from done. They’re listening, let’s make sure they understand.”

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