My favorite scene of To Blind a Sniper

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Mac walked the western tower, examining every inch of the landscape. The last guard had left with Gabrielle, Sullivan, and Lance twenty minutes ago.

It would take them another twenty minutes to reach their position, and Mac didn’t know if they had that much time. The sun was sinking fast and she had no idea where the danger would be coming from. Thank goodness, the sky remained covered; the wind was calm and there was no rain.

Her rifle was prepped and ready, but would it be useful? Calvi’s words repeated in her mind like a broken record, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that destiny had already made its final decision, and nothing could be done to stop the course of the day.

Like the ghost of Mirth Castle, she walked the ramparts, looking for her lost love who may never return. If the dread turned out to be a reality, she feared what would become of her soul.

Time ticked, and still nothing. Could Calvi have tricked her again? Every scenario was possible.

A low hum buzzed in her ear before Gabrielle’s voice came through.

“Alpha Team in position.”

“Omega Team in position.” Lance’s voice was hard as steel. He may have told her that this wasn’t her fault, but she couldn’t imagine the situation he was in, with his own brother’s life at stake again.

“Nothing.” Sullivan seemed so serious, far from his usual self. Gabrielle rounded up with more information.

“Roger that. Mac, your cell is connected to our communications. When Calvi calls, we will be able to hear what he says. Every entry point of the castle is linked to our security system. If someone tries to come in or get out, the silent alarm will be triggered.” Gabrielle’s voice shifted. “Mac, we can be there in less than five minutes if you give the signal. We have the castle in visual. It’s your call.”


Time passed, and the light started to decline. It was then something appeared on the moor. But a small hill was in the way and she lost sight of the moving object for a while.

“Possible target coming from the west. I’m getting into position.”

“We don’t see anything; we’re too low. We’re changing location and will touch base again in two minutes.” Gabrielle ended the transmission.

Lance cursed. “Can’t see a thing either.”

Mac lay down on the turret, giving her a hawk’s view of the situation. She adjusted her scope and waited for the possible intruders to enter her field of vision.

Two figures emerged from behind the hill as her worst fear materialized before her eyes.

When Mac saw Wesley in her scope, she cursed in desperation. Her heart constricted as she forced her whole body to relax and her hand to stay steady.

Calvi was using him as a shield as he climbed down the hill toward the castle. The bastard knew where she was positioned. Not a single inch of him was easily attainable without risking Wesley.

The madman hiding behind the warrior’s tall frame and by the way he moved, she guessed that Wes’ wrists were bound on his back, mostly to restrict his movements to the maximum. His legs were free, but there was no doubt he was holding the SEAL at gunpoint. Nowhere to run, no possible escape.

Her cell phone vibrated in her pocket. When she answered, again the caller id was blocked. The man at the other end didn’t need any introduction.

“I may not see you, my lovely, but you’re on that turret, ready to shoot me if I move into the open range.”

“You son of a bitch. Coward.”

“Such foul language from your mouth. This is exactly what I promised. I’m offering you a choice. You can now decide to end the suffering of your beloved, or try killing me, which will result in the same outcome for him.”

It took everything she had to hold her voice steady.

“You’re shielding yourself behind another man. Are you even capable of doing anything on your own?”

“I’m capable of worse. You think I’m hiding, and you aren’t completely wrong. Now you and your friends know how I’ve survived so long, and the thing we have in common, our incredible ability to adapt to any situation. And the situation has changed, don’t you think? From the moment I dreamed of revenge, and tracked your brother, down to this moment.”

“What do you want, Calvi?”

“You keep asking me the same question, and I will continue with the same answer. Nothing you can give back to me. In fact, I’m going to offer you a gift, the one you gave me when you murdered my brother. Eternal sorrow. Fiery regret. Endless rage.”

Wesley struggled against his bonds and she heard him shouting. “Shoot, Mac! Kill him!” His voice seemed so far away. Both men stood on the top of the hill. If Calvi shot Wes, he would still have the time to run and hide. Mac was slowly dying inside when she realized Wes’ words. He yelled for her to kill and he understood what it would entail. From this distance, with the two men so close in her scope, the weather conditions and wind, her only certainty was that she would hit not just Calvi but Wesley as well. The type of bullet she had was able to go through a human body and most probably hit two men with one shot. Kill two men with one shot. Mac realized deep down inside that Wesley was right. She had one shot at killing a criminal who would certainly kill the man she loved out of revenge and then turn to her family and friends, one after the other without end. One shot to end all this. The pain of that realization tore deep jagged pieces from her heart.

Mac muted the cell phone. “Lance, Gabrielle, you heard him. Calvi has Wes standing as his human shield. I can’t reach Calvi. And if he shoots Wes, I’ve lost him behind the hill.” Mac wet her lips. “I can try to hold him until you can get to a better position. You should be able to kill him.”

She was desperate for Gabrielle’s tactical advice, but it was Lance’s voice that spoke in her ear. “There is no way we can reach him in time. Listen, Mac, you’re the best sniper. It’s been a while since you held your rifle. However, this is your weather, your terrain, your home. If anyone can do it, it’s you. I have faith in you.”

“Lance, they’re too far away, it’s not an easy kill in ideal conditions. I only have one inch of Calvi visible.”

“Mac. Gabrielle just called the police, they should arrive in a few minutes as reinforcement. You heard Wes. There is no way Calvi walks away from here alive. Wes isn’t stupid; he knows that the shot will probably kill him, too. But too much is at stake. You must try. Even if it means ending the life of a man we both love.”

Was this how it was supposed to end? Lance was right, even if she didn’t accept it, any of it.

Mac settled into position. Wesley had stopped struggling and was standing still, tall, and straight, looking in her direction, as if he was trying to pinpoint her location. Then he winked and closed his eyes.

Calvi resumed his position before he lifted his gun to Wes’ head. A single inch of the madman was visible over one hundred and twenty yards away. An impossible shot, one she didn’t have a choice but to take. Everything stilled inside her, her brain taking control of the target and she made one final adjustment and pulled the trigger.

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