My favorite scene of The Inheritance

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With her body as tense as a piece of string, Lani couldn’t unwind, let alone go to bed and sleep. Tied in knots, she opted for a shower, but even the blistering heat couldn’t relax her body.

When she left the bathroom, it took some time to remind herself to remove the towel tied around her. Naked at all times, that was what she’d been instructed to do. And that order made her wonder what her uncle intended in the first place, why he had imposed the tasks upon her.

Thoughts, emotions and sensations mixed inside her in a swirl she couldn’t control. Normally, she would fight it by getting her paint brushes out and have the colors explode on the canvas, exhausting her body in a dance known only to her.

Sensing a bout of anxiety starting, Lani decided to get out of her room. She wasn’t interested in exploring, but instead, she wanted to find a way to ground herself, a peace that would allow her to dispel the tightening inside her.

Once in the dark living room, and the hearth filled with glowing embers, she saw herself reflected in the large windows, her skin pale against the darkness, her blue hair flickering as if made of glittering ice. Lani never liked seeing herself naked. There wasn’t anything wrong with her, but as she’d studied the standards of beauty throughout the ages, how women were depicted in paintings and sculptures, she’d felt she wasn’t up to par. Another thought she pushed away.

Pacing, trying to get rid of the mounting tightness, it became impossible not to see herself everywhere. The damn house was made of glass!

With the lack of light outside, all she could see was herself. Close to the window, her skin felt some of the cold coming from outside, and as she exhaled, her breath created a layer of condensation. Without thinking, her fingers started to trace patterns over the fog, and at that instant, the canvas she so desperately longed for, appeared.

Breathing over it once again, she was happy to see it stayed longer than she’d hoped, allowing her to create intricate swirls made of fog and darkness from her fingertips.


Everything in Lani froze at the deep voice behind her. Like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar, she went to erase her foolishness.

“Stop! Don’t wipe it out.”

Langdon was nearer than she’d thought when he came to stand behind her, his warmth on her back contrasting with the coolness coming from the window on her front. So close, he prevented her from turning around.

“Continue your artwork, Lani. I want to see it finished.”

Finished? This? Lifting her fingers once more, Lani started tracing the end of a circle. Simultaneously, she felt his fingers touching her bare back. Jumping, she wanted to twist around but he held her still.

“Continue.” The command was not to be defied. Curious and feverish, she resumed her drawing as he touched her. In fact, it was more than a touch; Langdon mimicked every motif she did on the glass over the skin of her back. When she stopped, he stopped, when she changed direction, he did exactly the same.

The sensation was strange and terrifying at the same time. At first, she barely moved her hand, and then, as the game continued, her gestures became bolder, firmer, immediately followed by the man behind her. The stroke was both soothing and arousing. And what surprised her was, the more his hand traced her skin, the less she wanted him to stop.

Far from being a girl who liked being petted, she let his hands glide across her skin like a promise, one she was in control of. As she moved, her thighs squeezed together, sending more shivers all over, making her even greedier for his touch. If she had the control for now, maybe she should be bolder and test the waters.

Lifting her hand at the top of her design, Lani put her palm firmly in the middle and traced a thick line going down. Langdon didn’t disappoint and did the same in the most delicious and erotic caress.

Emboldened, Lani decided it was time to erase her fleeting fog art and placed both her hands on the glass. The patterns she created were not at all for artistic purposes this time, but for more erotic ones.

Without a single word, the silence only disturbed by their labored breaths, Lani told Langdon how she liked to be touched. In perfect control, he did as she did, sometimes scratching lightly with his nails, sometimes touching her so lightly, it was like a tingle.

When she wanted to go even lower, she realized that the window didn’t allow her to do so, and she growled.

“Do you want more, Lani?” He exhaled close to her ear and it turned her blood to fire. “Show me how you would like me to touch you.”

Leaning her back, he cradled her body into his, her sensitized skin against his shirt and pants.

“Please.” In an attempt to make him understand, she grabbed his hands to circle her waist, a silent plea for him to go further.

“Oh, no. I still have too much to learn about you, and you are going to show me it all.”

He circled his arms around her front, but grabbed her hands, covering hers with his own. That’s when she realized what he wanted her to do. It was her own hands who would caress herself, with him following.

“Show me, Lani. Show me how you would like me to touch you.”

It was wanton and decadent. It challenged her, but for some reason, she was willing to try.

Like when she was drawing on the glass, she started to move her hands over her belly. Langdon didn’t direct her, his hands remained passive over hers. Encouraged, Lani moved her hands up to cup her breasts, and if she wasn’t mistaken, his hands twitched too. Pushing herself against his body, she was met with an immovable wall of muscles, and against her ass was the definite sign of his arousal.

As she ground against his erection, Langdon hissed in her ear. “You are playing with fire and won’t win.”

“And if I want you to make me burn?”

“You don’t know what you are asking for, Lani.”

His tone told more than the words dared to, and that made her curiosity flare with even more vigor. Even if common sense returned, there was no way her body could come down on its own. She tried to fight and touch him, but as soon as Lani began to explore his body, he redirected her.

“Oh no, you don’t.” And he returned both her palms to her belly. “Show me how you want to be touched. Slide your fingers between your legs, tell me how wet you are. How much you want this.”

Lani’s hands were sliding downward before she realized it. She felt the neat strip of pubic hair before cupping the pulsing warmth of her pussy.

Part of his larger hands touched her glistening lips, and he was right, she was ripe for the taking. However, she was certain that he wouldn’t take over. It was on her to take the lead. One of her hands returned to her breast, lightly pinching her nipple as the other parted her folds and rasped against her clit.

“Look up, Lani.”

She obeyed seeing their combined reflections on the glass. It wasn’t crystal clear, the edge of her drawing was frosting slowly against the cold, but it was enough to distinguish her naked form, and see the pale skin and red lips contrasting with her blue hair. The way his arms covered her was a jolt, one that went straight to her core, making her clench hard. Lani saw him look directly at her from the glass. He licked his lips, and his pale blue eyes shone brightly with anticipation.

Langdon was waiting. Anticipating her next move and probably hoping for what was next. Her fingers gathered some of her wetness before returning to her clit. At first, she circled around, spreading her juices until her entire hand was covered. Only then did she use her palm to apply pressure. Lani wanted harder and faster, but she was ready to suffer so was the man behind her. The snowballing heat coming from him, the way his groin pushed back against her undulating hips.

His hand jerked over hers as she stimulated her bundle of nerves.

“Yes, let yourself go, Lani. Show me how you take your pleasure, how you come.”

His words spurred her pleasure. Strumming her clit as fast and as hard as she could, her knees finally buckled when her orgasm exploded in her lower belly, reverberating throughout her entire being. Crying out, Lani was blind to the world, until she realized Langdon had shifted and was now keeping her upright, his strong arms around her waist and shoulders.

His bearded cheek was rubbing against her neck as his deep voice praised her.

It was surreal, so much so that she didn’t recognize herself but was too spent to care.

Langdon shifted her in his arms and carried her to her room, laying her under the covers. Before he left, he took her right hand and kissed her palm, after smelling and licking the taste of her fingers.

“You did good. The first task is done. Sleep now, sweet Lani.”

Strangely obeying his order, she closed her eyes and fell asleep before she could ask what the first task was.

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