My favorite scene of The Traitor

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Knox cursed as he worked under that bloody truck. The part he had ordered for Mr. Holmes truck arrived in the morning but trying to remove the old one from that heap of rust was a challenge. Even more so as images of the weekend continuously popped in his mind, distracting him from the task at hand.

He should have a smile on his face, but instead, all he felt was frustration and that made him hit that rusted rod even harder, his arm singing with pain.

Throwing his wrench on the ground with way too much force than was necessary, he climbed up from the pit.

He needed to calm down. The work didn’t require pure strength or impatience and he knew it. Wiping his hands on his pants, he went to his office and closed the door, shutting down the noises of the work being done throughout the shop, and making sure nobody would bother him until he could let off that steam that was bothering him.

Unfortunately, once seated behind his desk, he felt even more restless.

Pulling the file Josie had prepared for him with all the invoices properly stacked up and the payment amounts on a separate spreadsheet, he started looking at them.

Josie had embraced technology and Knox knew that he didn’t have to enter anything, everything was in the system. Perfection. Everything was so fucking perfect, so why did he want to shred every piece of paper in front of him?

His business was successful, he had a nice house, all the peace and quiet he longed for, and was enjoying mind-blowing fucks. What was wrong with him?

It was as if his skin was too tight and he couldn’t find any peace. And that was because of Josie. After last weekend, he should have felt some sort of satisfaction and detachment, as he always did. Instead, he envisioned every wall like a punching bag. That was the obvious consequence of being celibate for way too long. All that pent-up lust was being a problem, and now it messed with him.

Threading on the edge of his self-control hadn’t occurred in a long time, and never resulted in anything good.

Rolling his shoulders, it was the first time since he moved to Landston that he wished he could let loose, wander the streets in search of a fight, let his fists do the talking until that simmering inside him was back under control.

Something popped in his brain. The closest city was but two hours away. He knew some people there, most of whom were quite on the neutral side, and not with direct contact with anybody that might bring bad luck to his new life.

Booze, fights and women, in that order or not might be the solution. He was expecting way too much from fucking Josie, even if technically he hadn’t done it yet.

He knew she was dangerous, and had to dilute that wholesome, sexy, curvy woman with others. Many others.

That idea felt more and more like the only solution before he did something he might regret. He had enough of that.

Shedding his work clothes, he looked around for his cell when someone knocked on his door.

Whoever that was, Knox wasn’t about to answer. He had no intention to be civil and if it was Gage, there was no way he wouldn’t punch him.

Thinking about it, he wrote a quick note for him to keep a look on things while he was gone.

And the person behind that door didn’t get the clue and tried the doorknob. Knox cursed when it opened to Josie, a worried look on her face.

“Hey! Sorry to bother you, but Gage and the boys went to the diner for lunch and they asked to call them if we wanted something.”

Making sure not to glance at her, he forced himself not to snap. “No thanks. I need to go. I left a note for Gage and the guys.”

He should have known that Josie wouldn’t let that go easily.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll be out for a couple of days.”

He sidestepped to pass her, and she blocked him, even worst, reached to touch his arm. Knox snarled, avoiding it.

“Let me pass, Josie. I told you, I’ll be back in a couple of days.”

“Has something happened?”

Even if deep down that wasn’t what he wanted, all his frustration and darkness exploded.

“Get the fuck out of my way!” He punched the wall beside him. Hard enough to have rock sheet shrapnel flying, but not enough to feel the pain that might steady him.

Josie jumped in surprise but didn’t move. He thought she would coward away and certainly not take a stand. She may have been doubting her own sex appeal or worth because of her no-good husband, but she was certainly not afraid of him.

“Don’t shout at me! I’m just worried about you! What’s going on?”

Knox hissed, running his hands through his hair. “Stop, just stop, Josie. Stay away from me, okay? I’m not feeling like a good man right now and I don’t want to hurt you.”

He expected his growl to keep her at bay, if not understand the situation she was in, but it seemed that Josie Baird wasn’t convinced. Once more she reached for him for what he thought was offering comfort, but when her hands grabbed his t-shirt to bring him down to her and take his mouth, Knox knew that she had unwittingly uncaged the beast.

All logic or civility vanished as he tore at her clothes. The ripping sound made him even more ravenous for the smell and taste of her skin. There were no kind or reassuring words coming out from his mouth, only a harsh breath and a low growl.

Her clothes turned into ribbons fell to the floor, and Knox realized that she was tearing at his clothes too. He had no idea how he finished to get naked and didn’t care. In the eye of this tornado of pain and lust was only her. Josie.

His mouth was bruising when he captured her lips, so were his hands when he squeezed her breasts. Still, her body undulated to him, her hands gripping him tight.

With his cock hurting of being so hard and no tenderness, he pushed her face down on his desk, making most of the paper fall and his computer tethering dangerously over the edge.

Knox kicked her legs open, not even checking if she was wet enough before he groped his erection and plunged balls deep inside of her.

His brain short-circuited; his body unable to function for a sliver of a second at the sensation. And then, he started to move. His hands touched the silky skin of her back until he reached her wealth of dark hair and twisted it around his fist.

Seeing her with her head bowed like an offering, the feeling of power inside him reached new ground, making him even more ruthless. He didn’t only want to use her body, but to brand her inside and out until every cell of her couldn’t remember anyone else but him.

Pushing her face forward so one of her knees now rested on the top of the desk, spreading her more, it was the perfect position to have her vulnerable to him. In preparation, he pulled her harshly by the hair until her head bowed back, forcing her to take his cock, falling even deeper. His face was now close to her ear, his free hand roaming her stomach until he reached up and pinched one of her hard nipples. Her heavy breast fit perfectly in his hand.

When he pulled again, a moan came from her lips, and he twisted more. “Move. I want you to fuck yourself on my dick, covering it with your slick heat, squeezing it hard. Move!”

At his command, and despite her twisted position, Josie obeyed and undulated her hips. The reach was minimal, but his pleasure stemmed from seeing her at his mercy.

The lower end of his spine started to tingle, a sure sign he would spurt soon. Way too soon as he wasn’t done having his way with her.

Slowing down the pace, he reached lower to pinch her clit between his thumb and forefinger. The effect on Josie was immediate as she started to jerk her hips at the sensation, taking him deeper at the same time. He leaned forward and kissed her exposed shoulder before sinking his teeth in the tender flesh.

Hunger for her mixed with his need for pain and control. All three were a dangerous combination, but Knox didn’t care. Nothing in him did, as she cried out, jerked and twisted in his hold.

As he soothed the sting on his bite with his tongue, his fingers exacerbated the tender flesh of her sex until she shivered in pleasurable agony. Keeping his own release at bay, he disengaged and twisted her, so she was lying on her back. Her skin had that blushing glow, reddish patches on her chest, eyes glazed as she looked at him. Her lips were tempting but wouldn’t suffice to stave his violence. His cheek abraded the side of her breast. He felt like a wild beast marking his territory and seeing the marks he left all over her body only fueled his raging fire.

When he took her nipple between his teeth, there was no doubt he was causing her discomfort, her body twisting and bowing. No coherent word came from her lips, and he was glad as if she had pleased for him to stop, Knox wasn’t sure he would have been able to obey.

After torturing her other breast, he started a trail of marking down her rounded stomach. Her hands fisted his hair, pushing and pulling, as if she was trapped in the same turmoil as he was.

Taking his own pleasure was the only thing he could do right now as he reached her glistening sex. He couldn’t get enough of her taste, and when he lapped at her, gorging at this feast, her pleasure was only an unexpected collateral for her.

Knox pushed her thighs up and apart before spreading her labia with his fingers. Unable to resist the pink flesh, descended on her like a ravenous wolf. In the back of his mind, her voice sang like a violin.

Roughly pushing two fingers inside her sheath, he lapped at her folds until he reached her clit. Her little nub was now appearing from under its hood, and he used his free hand to expose it completely, making her at her utmost vulnerable. Only then did he swirled his tongue around it before sucking the entire area like a ripe peach.

The sound that came from Josie’s mouth was like a woman being torn in two and in a matter of minutes, she orgasmed hard in his mouth.

Releasing her, he kept his hands inside, exploring a little bit until he found that little rough bump he was looking for. With quite some force, he started rubbing and pushing, his eyes admiring the thrashing woman on the desk, in a pure tortured of forced sex at the hands of a man who would never be satisfied whatever the number of times she came at his hands.

Repeatedly, she begged him to stop, tried to flee or twist away, but his control was total over her, even if she had to still come to grasp with that.

Relentless, Knox stimulated her until he felt her surrender, her hips pursuing his hand now, her legs lulling even more open, a silent plea for him to take her. Soon. Soon he would finish possessing her, engulfing her within his own darkness.

Her breath short, her body covered with a sheen of sweat, Josie started to shake until she froze in place and offered him her orgasm once more, her fluids gushing on his hand. He never ceased pumping his fingers taking all she could give, or more correctly all she thought she could give him.

Almost limp as a puppet, babbling incoherently, Knox pulled Josie up before plastering her against the wall. Enjoying the contact of her back against his front, his cock started pushing between her legs, enjoying her arousal coating her tights.

His hands on her hips as she got her footing, his mouth bit at the lobe of her ear, and when he spoke, he barely recognized his own voice.

“You wouldn’t listen. I told you to leave me alone. And you should’ve.” Taking his pulsing erection in his fist, he guided it inside her pussy and groaned as he slid into the tight flesh. Josie exhaled sharply but remained silent. “You have pushed me to the edge and now must suffer the consequences.” And on that very word, he rammed himself deep inside her.

Still, Knox was searching for something to appease the dark side of him. He stepped back, bringing her with him. Josie slammed her hands on the wall, putting her body at an angle, one that felt like heaven for Knox.

Hands almost embedded on her lush hips, he started to feel her push back, her body coming back to life once more.

Knox knew he wouldn’t last much longer, and decided it was time. He forced her to close her legs together tight, and in that position, his cock felt like in the tightest, hottest fist ever.

Leaning forward, he mixed scrapes, bites and licks along her spine, until she turned vocal once more. His hands let go of her waist to cup her swinging tits, massaging them as he felt his own release impeding. On that way of no return, he snuck one hand between her thighs to cup her sex hard, before he started moving his grip. He knew with her state of sensitivity, her clit wouldn’t tolerate direct contact, and moving her flesh that way, with tugs and vibration, it wouldn’t take long for her to fall again.

His hips were slamming against hers at an increasing pace, until that shimmer of heat spread from his lower back to overtake him. Knox was aware his grip was bruising but didn’t release her until he finally pulled out of her the very last possible feeling of pleasure, and it happened as he was almost finished spurting. Her last, painful, but obviously very pleasurable orgasm squeezed his cock so hard, it lengthened his own pleasure.

They stayed locked in each other a while longer until a tiny bubble of sanity made its way inside Knox’s brain. Slowly, he loosened his hold, soon realizing, Josie was barely holding herself up. An arm around her waist, he steadied her before lying her down on the old office couch.

Josie looked up at him with that expression of satisfaction before offering him a smile. Seeing her shiver, he went to look for something to cover her up, and when he returned with his shirt, she was asleep and that’s when he discovered the state of her body. Her skin was covered with abrasion and bite marks, the signs of his possession clearly etched on every inch of her.

While it happened, he had been proud, a fucking conqueror. He was no better than a beast he realized. He shouldn’t have touched her in the state he had been. Josie needed someone she could trust, someone to build back her confidence. He had given her that assurance and had broken his word like the traitor he was. Despite his best resolutions, he couldn’t keep his promises.

Disgust making the hazy fog of bliss vanishing quickly, Knox covered her body, making sure not to touch her again.

Dressing up quickly, he looked at her one more time, despising himself for what he had done, and disappeared.


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