My favorite scene of Wild Bastard

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Isabel knew she should call Kai. Or even Gabrielle. She had to at least call Gabrielle and tell her she was safe and sound in her apartment. The trouble was she couldn’t convince herself to do it. Not yet. Not even after spending an hour straight in the shower. Her very first sex scene hadn’t made her feel as tainted and dirty as she felt right now.

The mix of stress, panic, and shame mixed into a slimy sensation inside her. She couldn’t imagine how she would have felt if she’d actually slept with Finch. No, fuck Finch was the best definition of what she had avoided by the skin of her teeth. Still, the ghostly sensation of his hands on her wouldn’t go away. Even her skin bore his mark with a hickey on her collarbone and bluish marks on her breasts and thighs.

Still, she couldn’t find the strength to open her clutch and take out her phone. Even worse, see who had called and left a message. Maybe she could text Gabrielle with her eyes closed.

Trying to reason with herself, Isabel took out her phone. She had been locked in her bathroom for hours now. Wrapped in a few towels, her comfortable clothes seemed too far away.

When something shifted inside her apartment, Isabel tensed and looked around for a weapon to defend herself. Maybe Finch had found out about her treachery and had sent one of his goons to take care of her.

Without a window to escape, the door was the only way in or out. After a moment, someone walked to the other side of the threshold. Frozen into place, eyes on the door, Isabel prepared to bolt when someone scratched softly on the other side.

“Are you in there, sweetie? It’s me, Gabrielle.”

The bubble of tears and sobs that rose inside her throat almost made her gasp, but Isabel fought to keep her voice steady. “I’m sorry. I should have called you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, love. I have a sixth sense with knowing where my Dark Sparrows are.”

Isabel closed her eyes at the name. She remembered all those years ago when Gabrielle had saved her ass and told her that she owed her one. Isabel had laughed, but agreed. After all, she was grateful for the help with bypassing all the red tape, and even if she hadn’t suggested it, Isabel would naturally have offered her help. And the nickname was badass. Another reason Gabrielle had become a dear friend.

“You had me scared for a little bit, but as I’m blond, the extra white hair won’t show much.”

Isabel laughed at Gabrielle’s joke even if she didn’t feel like it. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to worry you.”

“That’s part of my job, I’m only not worried when I sleep, and even then I can’t guarantee I don’t. Why won’t you open the door? Are you alright?”

That was the big question. “I’m okay. But I can’t open the door yet.”

“That’s fine. I’ll just sit and wait for you here. Take your time.”

And there was Gabrielle at her best. She had the patience of an angel. Despite time constraints or danger, there was a calmness inside her, and no judgment.

“Can you tell me what happened, Izzy?”

“How did you know I was back here? The brooch is broken.”

Now, Isabel could hear the smile in her friend’s voice. “As if I don’t have tricks of my own. I could brag, but it was simple. When you put the bug in Finch’s computer, it activated, sending a signal. You were the one with it, so it was easy to know that Finch had brought you to his apartment. However, you were both gone when we arrived.”

“Finch was called to the office he said. An emergency. He dropped me here.”

“Yeah. I’m the bright one of the bunch because everyone flew to the office, but I knew better. That and the fact that I put a tracker in your watch too. Too bad I had trouble activating it. That’s another story.”

Kai was at the office, and when he saw she wasn’t with Finch, he would come here. What would she say to him?

“Izzy? Walk me through it. Tell me everything that happened from the moment the fire alarm went off. One step at the time.”

Gabrielle’s voice was steady and so matter of fact, it helped Isabel gather her thoughts. She described what had happened methodically, with as much detail and detachment as she could muster. She told her how Finch had brought her to his place, how he’d started flirting, carrying her to the bed and ripping her dress to shreds. She even told her about what happened afterward and when they had been miraculously interrupted by the door. The turmoil rose as she said the words, her mind now not on what had happened, but on Kai.

“What will I tell Kai? I knew what I signed for when you contacted me. I even considered having sex with Finch if it helped the mission. Even after Finch brought me to his apartment and all I wanted was to flee, I thought that sex could help me get more information, but when it was about to happen, all I could think of was Kai, and how I was betraying him. Fucking hell, Gab. I have betrayed him, allowing Finch to touch me like that.”

“Breathe, Izzy. He was about to rape you. What you feel is normal.”

For a long moment, Isabel let the words sink in. “I almost slept with Kai’s father, Gab. That’s not even on the range of bad ideas. Kai accepted who I was, which is a miracle on its own. There is no way in hell or heaven that he would accept me allowing his father to put his hand between my legs. I’ll lose him, Gab.”

That last sentence broke her to pieces, and her entire body ached like never before in her life. “I love him, yet I don’t deserve him. I’ve betrayed him in every sense there is. Not only that, but I’ve also signed that god-awful contract with Jenny Anderson. A contract I need to honor, otherwise, everything I’ve worked my ass off for will turn to ashes. Do you see what a fine conversation that will be? More good news for Kai. ‘Hey love, guess what, if ever you recover from this incident with your father, I have a gang bang scheduled next week. What do you think of that?’”

“I told you that you aren’t making that gang bang video without me, sweetheart.”

To hear Kai’s deep voice on the other side of the door was like the last dagger needed to carve out her heart.

He had heard every single thing she had said. Every word.

She wanted to strangle Gabrielle for playing her, but she also knew her friend well enough that she would plead that she hadn’t been clear enough and hadn’t asked if she was alone or not.

Isabel closed her eyes, unable to breathe, think, or speak. Kai knew. He may have made a joke about it, but nobody could have that open a mind. Not even the easygoing Kai Jones.

“Babe, open the door. Please.”

At that point, Isabel knew it was childish to stand her ground, but couldn’t help it, because when she opened the door, everything would be over. She would see the look on his face, and that wouldn’t lie.

“I’m fine. I’ll open the door when you are gone. You don’t have to stay, Kai.”

A low chuckle came from the other side and something slid over the door. “Yeah, right. I’m not going anywhere.”

“You can’t stay there, waiting for me forever.”

“I will stay right where I am, waiting for the woman I love to come to grips with what she’s feeling. If I can’t hold her in my arms, I’ll at least offer her moral support. And so will her best friend who’s sitting right here and laughing her ass off at me.”

Gabrielle snicker could be heard and it was a heart-lightening sound.

“I’ll stay as close as I can get to you until you forgive yourself.”

Isabel dropped her head. “If only it was that simple. I wish I could be like you.”

“Love, I’m still struggling with some pretty intense stuff from my time in the military. There are still days, particularly nights, when I can’t fight the nightmares. I’m not perfect. Never pretended to be. Since you reappeared in my life, I made the decision that I would fight through it if it means I can be with you. I can’t decide for you. But if you want to be with me, we can fight it together.”

Hope started to churn in her belly. “How?”

“Babe, just forgive the girl who decided to leave me and accepted the contract to save your mother. You made the best decision at that time. You are right. The surfer I was wouldn’t have understood what you were going through. I would have tried to find a solution, but there was none. You had to find the money. Forgive her, Izzy. Accept that she had the key to give your mother another chance, to build something tangible, giving you the means to obtain your MBA and open your agency. It took guts, strength, and intelligence. I may have been infatuated with the mermaid on the shore, but it’s you I love, Isabel Osborne.”

Huddled in the corner, Isabel let every word sink in. Damn the man for being right. Once the decision had been made, she had stuck to it and made the best of the cards dealt to her. Kai was right. It wasn’t her former career that was eating at her. Not since Kai had accepted it. After all, he had proposed, knowing what and who she had been. It was that initial decision, the one she’d made at a crossroad, where her resentment stemmed from. Was there another possibility? Isabel was tempted to say yes, but she had been young and without help or connections.

That was what hit her hardest, because when she’d put sex into the mix again, after opening her heart to Kai and daring to take his hand in pursuing their happily ever after, she had betrayed him again.

“I shouldn’t have followed Finch. I knew where it would lead, and thought I could handle it, but I couldn’t. He was too emotionally charged. And dangerous. I was lucky. However, if it helps in bringing him down, it was worth it. I don’t want to do that again, Kai. I can pretend in public, but I can’t be alone with him.”

“And I wouldn’t let you do it either. I made a mistake leaving you there. I messed up too. The risks are too great. We are close, baby. I know it will be over soon and then we’ll be able to put everything behind us forever.”

Forever. That word held everything she hoped for with Kai.

Crawling to the door, Isabel unlocked it and immediately Kai barged into the bathroom and took her in his arms.

Gabrielle looked at them from the threshold and Kai winked at her. With those two forces of nature, Isabel knew that she would get through it. They were about to take Finch down, and once he was gone, she would never think about him again, as the man holding her in his arms held the key to her future.


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