My Biography


Like the song, love is a battlefield, isn't it? Work, family, money, love... We are constantly fighting to keep what is ours safe. And I am not even talking about how hard you had to crawl through mud and mists to finally grab the prize.

Every single one of us is a warrior, don't fool yourself. If you are like me, you are certainly a peaceful warrior. Easy going, serene, calm, until... You know... Until the ones we love are threatened.

In every woman, sweet, zen, hard-working woman, there is a potential for a wild woman, a mama bear, a fury, ready to follow her heart and stand between danger and love.

That is exactly what I wish to tell with my stories. The desire, love and courage of strong and very imperfect women.  They are as imperfect as you and me, but their hopes and dreams, even buried deep down in the dark corner of their souls, are real and pure.

I am inviting you to follow my heroines and their heroes from darkness to light, from struggle to freedom, from fear to love.

And really, who can resist a love story?

Happy reading!

India  xx