And if being forced into submission wasn’t the only way…

For Lani, her dream of becoming a renowned contemporary painter is worth more than anything else until reality hits back and forces her to review her priorities. After all, she needs to eat and pay the rent.

On the verge of collapse, a phone call offers her an amazing opportunity. Her estranged uncle has died and named her in his will. It offers her the possibility to get her hands on a substantial sum of money if she accomplishes a series of tasks locked in a mysterious box.

Only one man can open it and guide her into completing all of them. One very reluctant, secluded, mysterious man. Lani finds herself at the mercy of Sam Langdon, a friend of her uncle, and soon realizes that the handsome, older man has dark secrets of his own.

Compelled to submit in order to get her inheritance, caught up in a storm of lust and desire, Lani must push her limits as well as test those of her unwilling captor. In an unlikely play of power and dominance, two souls collide, redefining their own notion of forgiveness.