The Wolf Malediction



Forget all you know about fairytales… Fall for an unlikely alliance between an ancient, cursed Viking and a stubborn detective as they search for a dangerous relic that could transform the world as we know it.
— The Wolf Malediction
The Wolf Malediction_India Kells_ebook cover.jpg

Recently relocated to Boston, Detective Marlena Ciceron is running on fumes. Because as soon as she drifts off, her mind is invaded by a kissable mouth and magical hands belonging to one sexy Viking. Too bad he speaks nonsense—though she doesn’t mind that very much. That is, until he makes a troubling admission…

As if things couldn’t get any more confusing, her latest case becomes weirder and weirder by the minute. It should have been a routine open-and-shut case of greedy theft, but the more Marlena digs, the less it all makes sense. Not to mention there’s a damn dog that’s following her like a shadow…

What to do when life is a constant battle, to the point it almost feels like a curse?

Pulled into a world of magical relics, cursed warriors, and meddling gods, can this somber investigator open her mind to the mystical unknown? Or her heart to a man she thought only existed in her fantasies?